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How to Marcott Trees

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Marcotting is a skill that is very necessary especially when you like to grow your trees in a very fast way. Although it is always recommended to call Charlottesville tree experts for help and professional advice especially when it is your first-time doing gardening, marcotting can be relatively easy for anyone even for those who do not have the experience yet.  

What is marcotting? 

This process is a process or technique of growing and propagating a plant on a tree which may take only a year to grow. This practice is widely done in Asian countries such as the Philippines to grow a variety of plants like mango, avocado, macopa, and chico. Marcotting is generally done when it is the rainy season to minimize the need for frequent watering on the tree, and it works for most trees and shrubs.  

The following are the step-by-step guide on how to do marcotting effectively: 

Step 1: 

Prepare the necessary materials 

Before you start anything, make sure that you are well equipped to avoid slowing down doing the marcotting project. The needed materials include nylon cord, transparent plastic sheet, cutter or knife, some soil, small shover, plant you want to propagate, and the tree that will receive the marcotted plant. The transparent sheet is very ideal for you to be able to observe the root growth of the marcotted plant.  

Step 2: 

Girdle and scrape 

Select the branch where you would be placing your marcot. Ideally, it can be in the size of a pencil although this might be always necessary as it depends on the kind of tree. After identifying the branch, using your knife or cutter, create a girdle (two cuts) about four to five inches apart. The knife needs to be moved in circular motion on the stem while you are removing the bark. Scrape the stem out and remove the coating to avoid healing the wound. 

Step 3: 

Put the soil 

Get your soil and gently wrap it up around the bark with your hand. You can gently press the soil with your palm and fingers to wrap the soil effectively. To make sure it wraps, you can slightly wet the soil.  

Step 4: 

Wrap with a transparent plastic sheet 

Get your transparent plastic sheet, cute an appropriate size that is large enough to cover the while debarked area. Tightly wrap the plastic sheet around the soil. After, tie the plastic on both ends for security. 

Step 5: 

Finish the project 

After tying carefully the plastic sheet, all you need to do is to clean the mess you created, clean your materials and tools, and wait for up to eight months to see it grow. Normally, roots will take place from nine to ten weeks after you have done your marcotting.  

Make sure you water frequently the marcot to provide it the nutrients it needs to sustain life. After a year, you begin to see some sprouts. This time, it is now ready to be transferred to another container, or allow it to grow in the tree where it is placed. This is the reason why you see alto of trees bearing two or three different fruits at the same time.  

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